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The Sculptor Bleeds

The Eternal Rant

4 May
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A little about me huh?
Whatever you want, I'll tell you.
All you need do is ask.
I have no secrets... you just have to
ask the right questions..
80's, activism, all the pretty horses, androgyny, animals, anthropology, art, artrock, beauty, being obnoxious, billiards, bisexuality, bitching, body art, body modification, bowie, boys in eyeliner, breasts, carnivalesque, cats, conversation, costumes, costuming, crossgender, cuddling, curvy girls, cyberpunk, discernment, drag queens, dyed hair, empath, estrogen, eyeliner, femininity, femme, fischerspooner, forests, freak, freaks, gays, gender queer, genderbender, genderfucked, genderqueer, girls who wear glasses, glam, glamour, glamrock, good books, goth, goth boys, green, hair dye, hedwig_and_the_angry_inch, hormones, independent films, indiana, izzard, jewelry, kiss, kissing, leigh bowery, lesbians, lipgloss, long hair, long skirts, loving on my friends, m2f, magic, make-up, makeup, male pregnancy, margaret cho, masks, masquerade, metal, mini coopers, moulin rouge, movies, mtf, music, nail polish, new romantics, objectivism, omni-sensual experience, pain, painted nails, pansexuality, paul stanley, penis, performance, philosophy, photoshop, piercing, piercings, pink, plastic wrap, platform boots, platform shoes, poetry, post human, post-human, posthuman, pretty nails, psychology, queeredbodies, queers, rocky horror picture show, san francisco art institute, sarcasm, scarification, sculpture, sensuality, sfai, shamanism, shopping, skirts, spiritual, stelarc, steven trask, subculture, surgery, tattoos, testosterone, third sex, trans, transexual, transgender, transgendered people, transhuman, transsexual, trees, two-spirit, underground, vagina, vinyl, vinyl fetish