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The Sculptor Bleeds

The Eternal Rant

8/21/04 07:45 pm - The Prodigal girl returns... Art show announcement... all are expected to attend

Hey everyone!! If anybody is wondering why I haven't posted in months, its because I've sort of been sequestered in my studio working on a new body of work.

On thursday, September 2nd there will be an opening reception for a fine art exhibit that I curated entitled "Volatile Bodies".

Volatile Bodies showcases the work of Bay Area painter Lauren Scime and my most recent sculptural work. The show revolves around the Idea of the split between internal Identity and physical Identity and thus is of the nature of skewed and distorted self portraiture.

I invite everyone to come and wear there most outrgeous clothing. A large group of us will be going out afterwords to tear up the town and there will probably be an after party.

So really if you haven't guessed by now, if you live in the bay area, your expected to be there.. ha! just joking, but the more the merrier.

Also I had plenty of postcard ads printed up so if you would like one sent to you let me know and I'd be happy to stick it in the mail.

---ciao !!!

8/17/04 11:46 pm


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8/17/04 11:44 pm

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6/21/04 09:37 pm - pride parade-- big gay jesus

well if anyone is going to the SF pride parade, theres a huge mayan temple float that I made that you should all check out, theres also a huge jet airplane that I and 2 other people made( it ridiculous) and tomorrow I get to build the big gay jesus cross float. bulding parade floats sounded fun at first but now I know it bites ass! at least I'm gettin pretty major loot!!

6/13/04 10:18 pm - hmmmm

yknow I was gonna write something, but I just changed my mind and I'm not gonna. So there!! nya nya !!HEE! HEE! HEE he heh heh hehhh....... huh, well what do you know?

6/13/04 10:18 pm

How to make a jodie

3 parts competetiveness

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6/11/04 10:00 pm

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6/11/04 09:58 pm

wonderling's bits are best described as her "luscious maw".

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6/11/04 09:57 pm

masqueruise's bits are best described as her "candied pigeonhole".

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6/11/04 09:57 pm

jodie erin's bits are best described as her "furry vault".

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