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tiredy tired tired

and just a little high....

my little girl is out of town and i  miss her so. i'm tired and feelin a bit lonely but i feel great when i think about her, she is my sunshine!

i didn't mean to fall in love again, in fact if you would have asked me before she and i started dating i would have told you that i didn't want it, that i was tired of love. i'm so glad my foolish nature didn't win over! thank the universe that i was able to be open for a new relationship, for a love that is real this time!

i am stronger and more motivated than i have been in years, life feels real for once! my life is made better through her existence. i am reconnected to myself and my purpose and i am more happy than i can remember being in the past!

dear Lil Flincher, you are my miracle and mommy loves you! i can't wait to be with you again!

see you soon!
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